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After each event we will share a summary of our discussions right here. Please feel free to comment your thoughts on our Instagram and keep up to date with all Mexico and Below related content ahead of our next meeting.

Our first group photo! Look how clever we all look.

Meeting 1: Fever Dream by Samantha Schweblin

It was brilliant to see so many familiar and new faces at the first Mexico and Below meeting.

After a quick introduction, the group got straight into the nitty gritty discussing everything from the traditions of motherhood and absent fathers to the limits of European rationale in reading Latin American texts.

It’s safe to say all in attendance left with new ideas about Fever Dream.

“I absolutely loved hearing so many people say they really wanted to read a little more wildly and not be so focused on British, American and Irish literature. It really showed there’s a huge appetite for books in translation nowadays”

- Jan Carson, writer and co-founder of Mexico and Below

Meeting 2: The Invention of Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares (translated by Ruth L.C. Simms)

Summary coming soon…

See you soon for the next Mexico and Below meeting…

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